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Pusha T – “Lunch Money”

Back in the spring of 2013, Pusha T and Kanye West teamed up on “Numbers on the Boards,” a stripped-down, menacing track that was either loved or hated by music fans. Rolling Stone, on one hand, gave the song 4/5 stars and described it as “near perfect no bull-shit hip-hop,” but that doesn’t necessarily translate to being a universally liked song. The duo is back though, with “Lunch Money,” another track that is far from relaxing or comfortable. Overtop of laser synths, chopped up horns and what sounds like the background noise of an arcade, Pusha asks “if the crown ain’t mine tell me who am I behind?” Well, that’s all a matter of opinion, but his upcoming album, King Push, should make it pretty clear, one way or another.


SZA – “Sobriety”

Next month, SZA will be embarking on a tour with Jhené Aiko and Odd Future’s The Internet. While the majority of her set list will probably be comprised of songs off her recently released Z, she has a selection of great songs that aren’t found on her major label debut, including her newest track, “Sobriety.” On the track, SZA goes from love (it will stunt your growth) to hate (which is all she knows) and everything in between. Though she admits her life isn’t together or how her mother would want it, the song has a positive feeling to it, with SZA concluding that she will be just fine.


TV on the Radio – “Test Pilot”

After a couple of singles were released in lead up to their fifth album, TV on the Radio’s Seeds is finally available, and one of the standout tracks on the new record is the catchy “Test Pilot.” The song is a little more pop-y than most of their tracks, but it is a distinctive TV on the Radio song, with overlapping harmonies and an electronic beat that restrains itself from going over the top. Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe croons “I was such a fool, thinking you were the only one.” The fact that the song is placed in between “Happy Idiot” and “Love Stained” shows a common theme that can be found throughout the album, which isn’t their best work, but does have some songs worth checking out.


Wu-Tang Clan – “Necklace”

On Dec. 2, Wu-Tang Clan will be releasing their first album in seven years, A Better Tomorrow. Though there was some question for a while as to whether all the living members of the legendary group would be involved, everything has been sorted out and the group are clearly ready to show that they are not just some artists that your favourite rapper grew up listening to. Case in point is the newest single off the upcoming album, “Necklace.” The track is built around a classic Wu Tang vocal sample (“brother, I think that necklace is causing you too much trouble”), and from there, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and GZA get their inspiration. This song drips with coolness.


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