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Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts has a new home

Adam Travis / The Brunswickan

Adam Travis / The Brunswickan

One of the best things to do in downtown Fredericton is check out the variety of large and small art galleries. The art scene is expanding outside of the downtown core though, as Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts moved this summer from their downtown location to the Delta Fredericton.

Maggie Estey is the manager of the gallery, and explained that the move was necessary.

“Basically, we were forced out by structural problems,” she said.

“Our Regent Street location flooded, so we were closed from January to May. We didn’t lose any of our work, but some of it was damaged.  Any paintings that were damaged were reparable. Gallery staff noticed what was happening before any real damage could occur.”

The second floor of the Delta Fredericton is now the gallery’s home. Along with the gallery itself, the walls in the lobby and leading to the ballrooms of the hotel are covered with some of the larger pieces.

Though it has all come together, it took a little work before they could call the Delta home.

“Before we moved in, the room was used for sports teams and a hangout spot. Peter Mueller, Ingrid’s husband, came in and revamped the entire space,” said Estey.

“Although small, it’s bright and white which goes great with the art.”

While the downtown location was convenient for local residents, the move to the Delta allows the gallery to showcase work to people who are from out of town or who may not normally go to a gallery.

“Having this storefront location is a great opportunity to stand up for Atlantic Canadian art in a place where people from away can easily see it, and where locals can easily access it as well.”

On top of their gallery at the Delta, they also operate a satellite gallery at the Fredericton Convention Centre. Just last week, the first series of works was launched at the FCC. This project came around at the same time as their move to the Delta.

“Just as the FCC was getting ready to open, the city approached us to fill their ground level foyer with art. It’s a great thing that they’ve allowed that new beautiful facility to serve as a venue for Atlantic Canadian art,” said Estey.“It’s great for us and the artists we represent, especially now that our headquarters are no longer downtown, that we have this satellite location in such a prominent and high-traffic space.”

Now that the gallery is open and showing new exhibits, the next task is to let people know about the change in location.

“Its really hard to get the word out there that we’ve moved. Almost every week someone says to me ‘we didn’t know you were here.’ Maybe it’s because there’s a lack of arts coverage in New Brunswick, but it’s just hard for us to get the word out.”

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