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No action to be taken against 'Confessions and Compliments' admin

The University of New Brunswick is not taking any legal or disciplinary action against Matt Kelly or his now infamous Facebook page, UNBF & STU Confessions and Compliments.

Kelly is currently in the process of removing the page from Facebook. He recently posted a picture to the page showing Facebook’s policy, stating that it takes 14 days to delete a page.

“I don’t mind taking it down. It’s a big weight off my shoulders. I do not recommend making another page similar to one of these,” he said.

Natasha Ashfield, a communications officer at UNB, said that Kelly intended for the page to be a positive space.

“I don’t think his intention was where the site ended up. He didn’t realize the impact that it was going to have on people so he decided to take the site down. He came to us and we spoke to him. He was willing to work with us,” said Ashfield.

Jeffrey Carleton of communications at St. Thomas said that Cox & Palmer is STU’s official law firm for legal matters and that the university did not hire them.

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