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Big K.R.I.T. – “Cadillactica”

Mississippi’s Big K.R.I.T. released his second studio album, Cadillactica, on Nov. 10. The albums title track was produced by DJ Dahi, who has put together an impressive track record so far in his career, with production credits on songs like Drake’s “Worst Behaviour,” Schoolboy Q’s “Hell of a Night,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees” and Pac Div’s “Posted.” On “Cadillactica,” K.R.I.T. and Dahi create a hard-hitting anthem that sees K.R.I.T. switching up flow and showing off his wordplay and skill. The subtle female vocals and echoing of certain lines that are thrown into the song makes it a more interesting listen and not just another rap song about a car.


Hippo Campus – “Souls”

A lot of comparisons can be made to the first song shared off of Hippo Campus’s debut EP. “Souls” features a similar voice to Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear, while the instrumentation reminds a bit of WU LYF. With that being said, the Minneapolis band constructed a song that sounds familiar, but certainly is different from all the bands mentioned above. The track is a light-hearted one, and with lyrics like “the night was ours for the taking,” expect to hear it in a beer or car commercial sometime in the near future.


Rick Ross – “Movin’ Bass (featuring Jay-Z)”

Rick Ross has been busy. Having already released the 16-song Mastermind in March (19 songs if you got the deluxe edition), he is set to put out his second album of the year on Nov. 24. Easily the most anticipated track on Hood Billionaire is the Jay-Z assisted “Movin’ Bass,” which is now available for listening. On the new track, the two rappers stick to what they are most comfortable with, addressing their success in the music industry as well as in the drug game. “We still moving bass,” raps Jay on the chorus, a classic double entendre by him that refers to both the bass of a song as well the as cocaine that both rappers claim to have sold in the past. The only disappointing thing about this Timbaland produced track is that Jay only contributes on the chorus and doesn’t give an actual verse, but luckily Rozay brings enough bravado for the both of them.


Vogue Dots – “Way With Silence”

In late October, New Brunswick’s Vogue Dots released their four-song EP, Mauka. The record was primarily written and recorded in a cottage in Belle Isle, but that doesn’t mean it is filled with simplistic campfire songs. The electronic duo use synths and killer vocals from singer Babette Hayward to create a refreshing product that conjures up images of a late night cityscape, not a cottage in the middle of the woods.

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