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First year students take centre stage

A group of theatre students at UNB brought the dying art of letters back to life last week.

Unfolded! was put on by UNB’s first-year drama class on Nov. 13 and 14 in Memorial Hall.

The performance was made up of students reading a series of letters. Some were written by them, others were letters given to them and some were just found online.

“My letter was given to me last year, by a guy in my high school,” said Stephanie Daigle, a first-year arts student.

“His letter told me that he loved me and that he always did. At that time, I was in a relationship with another guy. That letter kind of changed my way of thinking and I’m no longer with him today.”

She said that working on this project made her look back at her old self.

“This took me back to high school and how I was. It really made me realize how much I’ve changed already and where I’ve come from.”

Some people from the class shared the same type of storyline.

Just before Daigle read her letter, a male student took the stage and recited a letter that he once wrote for a girl who was in a relationship with another man. Though it helped with the flow and could have been about the same thing, their letters come from two separate events.

While some of the stories were heavier in nature, the show took the audience through a variety of emotions. Some stories were sad, funny or inspirational.

Melissa Leblanc, a second-year student, found her letter online.

“My letter is written by a father to his daughter. It basically tells her to be herself and not change herself for any man in her life.”

Since October, the class had been working to pull the show together.

Daigle attributes the success of the play to the director, Tania Breen.

“She really tries to get people out of their comfort zone by doing different things.”

Though some of the students may have been shy at the beginning of the semester, their confidence was apparent during the performance, making the time travelling, emotional roller coaster of a play a great success for all those who took to the stage and shared their letters.

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