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All faculty should meet the same standards

To the Editor,

Emma McPhee in her article on “Part-Time profs beyond the classroom” writes, on information she received from Arthur James or Wendy Bourque, that tenured professors are hired for “teaching, research and service work,” while contract professors are only hired for teaching. Some contract faculty appear to feel threatened by any suggestion that their credentials include research, but that is short-term thinking. The only way university faculty can provide something that high schools do not is if they keep themselves in the forefront of their fields of study, and demonstrate their stature through publication. When I was a university senator I developed with the vice-president research, Greg Kealey, a concept for a research fellowship for contract academics, with some new money promised. But the union chose not to pursue the matter until after VP Kealey’s retirement. It is in the interest of students that the degrees they get from UNB should be ranked with the best, to which end it is in the interest of the university, its permanent and contract faculty alike, that all faculty should meet the same standards, and indeed be paid consistently on a pro-rata basis.


– Dr. Nicholas Tracy

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