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Student artists collaborate on musical project

What started out as a simple introduction from a mutual friend has now led to an exciting musical collaboration between two students at UNB.

Connor Morand met his music collaborator, Kyra-Brynne Lake, at the beginning of this year. A few days after attending Kiddstock together, they started working on their music.

“We sat down for the first time and pulled out our first song,” Morand said. He explains that with “Dollars,” “I had the verse written for a while and couldn’t finish it. When we sat down, I told Kyra about this song and we started working. We did a bit of brainstorming and got it done that day.”

This nameless duo describes their sound as Americana-Folk.

“It’s very Civil Wars-like, with the guy and girl voices meshing together,” said Lake.

Morand, who is a third year business student, has been performing for four or five years, while Lake, who is a first year arts student, has been performing since the age of six.

Along with providing vocals, Morand is also the guitar player of the duo, and the two feel that their project will be best kept a duo.

Though the pair is just in the beginning stages of their collaboration together, plans are already in the works for their future. They are currently working on their second song and hope to record shortly. Until then, they are recording their music on their phones.

“We’re currently just in a pre-production stage of things, but we’d love to put an album together, more than likely an EP with five or six songs. Maybe after we finish writing songs, we can work on a name for ourselves as well,” said Morand.

Morand added that while their music might be acoustic, they want to play around with finding their sound.

“We want to create different moods, both lyrically and sonically. We want to play around and see what feels right. We don’t just want to have one basic sound.”

Along with recording music, the two are also hoping to find some local gigs in town to get their music out there.

“That’s ultimately our goal. To play a few shows around town, maybe on campus,” said Morand.

“I’ve had the chance to play a few times at the Cellar, so that would be cool.”

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