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SHHH… I’m learning

If I set a camera at the back of the class, what would I see if I watched it at the end of the day? I would probably see students talking, texting, reading BuzzFeed, browsing Facebook, Tweeting and even Skyping, ALL DURING CLASS.

Now, I’m not going to go and ask someone to close their computer. It’s up to you what you do with your time. However, if I asked you what you learned today, what could you tell me? Right, you can’t answer that question, because you were too focused on your computer to actually pay any attention.

Now let me ask you how much you spend on tuition. Do you have student loans? Do your parents pay for you to attend university? Have you ever considered that computer time during class is like flushing your money away? Most students have the “I’m paying for this class, and for you to teach me, so I don’t have to pay attention if I don’t want to” mentality. Last time I checked, the point of university is to learn and pay attention. How many of you actually go to class, pay attention and retain what the professor put on the board?

Students who genuinely want to better themselves, students who want to understand so badly that they are willing to deprive themselves of a social life or even mental stability, are the students you will find in class who need little distractions to understand. More and more, you find students who can somehow not pay attention and receive great grades. Clearly, they have amazing reading skills and have different learning techniques, which is fantastic for them.

The serious issue here is going to class just to say you went. Do we see how this is disrespectful to others who need this time? It’s even more disrespectful to be whispering to the person next to you, being a constant Internet user or even playing video games. Now this isn’t to say that you can’t check the Internet and all those social media websites, but spending the entirety of the class on the computer is wasteful to you and your time.

Class time is sacred for students who need that extra support. If you go to class and dick around, you distract the students who actually need this time to grasp facts that were not obvious in the text.

So please be mindful of your actions in class. It could harshly affect the student sitting next to you.

Samantha Michaud

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