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myUNB portal to be replaced next spring

The myUNB portal will be receiving major upgrades in the near future.

Next April, UNB ITS will replace the current myUNB portal with a new portal that will allow for the enhancement of current features and the addition of some new ones as well.

“Because the current technology that we have just doesn’t allow us to do what we want to do with it, we need to move to a new technology so that we can basically do more for the students, faculty and staff,” said Melissa Hannah, director of UNB ITS communications.

The portal, called the myUNB portal, is the central point of access to a number of services offered by UNB. It allows students to access all services through a single login.

The existing portal was introduced in January 2011 and is in need of a replacement.

“There is a growth in visits and people are using it more frequently, and with the current portal technology that we have we’ve really reached the limit of the features that we can offer students, faculty and staff,” Hannah said.

The portal upgrade is being done in phases, the first of which will be complete next April.

“We are doing a multi-phased approach to the portal launch. The first phase is basically just building the backbone technology of the portal and it’s going to be launched in April 2015,” Hannah said.

From there, enhancements and new features will be added.

“It’s a very important piece that is basically the base for everything that we built and all the enhancements that we add and all the features that we add so it’s going to take us a little bit of time,” said Hannah.

Students won’t need to worry about the transition affecting the familiar features of the current myUNB portal.

“It’ll be just basically the same web address that they’ll go to and it will just change with the new look and feel and everything will be there for them,” Hannah said.

Although the myUNB portal has experienced many technical issues of late, Hannah said that this is not the reason for the replacement. Sometimes there are issues with one of the services available through the portal and UNB ITS regularly schedules service outage windows for maintenance — all of which are normal, said Hannah.

“If one service isn’t available, it doesn’t mean that the portal is down if you can’t access it from there, it just means that that particular service is down … And other times you may not be able to log into the portal because there might be an issue with just logging in in general to the secure services. So this would impact every service that you need to log into,” Hannah said.

“Even though it may seem like it’s the portal having an issue, it’s not always the portal but [the new portal] will be reliable and will provide good service.”

Students can provide feedback about the current portal and changes they would like to see in a survey available on the myUNB portal until Nov. 17.

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