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Looking good and staying warm: what to wear this winter

With the cold weather settling in, it’s time to get dressed for the coming winter season. There are a lot of easy looks that are “in” right now, lots of which you might already have in your closet.

Leather is big right now. Not only is a leather jacket a great piece to keep you warm during these cold days, but it also looks great. And you don’t have to just wear black leather (or pleather). Brown, red or any colour works just as well. If a jacket isn’t your style, you can also use leather as an accent on your shirts, pants or boots.

Speaking of boots, you’ve got to keep those feet warm while walking between classes. For ladies, knee high boots are the trend right now.

If you’re not in the mood for a jacket or leather, vests can be a perfect alternative. Great over a long sleeve shirt or sweater, the right vest for this season is fur. Different colours and textures of fur are great to play around with. And of course, fake is always best for the animals, and your wallet.

Even when you’re not walking outside, it is important to stay warm, which is where sweaters come in. Colour isn’t of importance but apparently oversized fits are in. Who needs a sweater that actually fits you, right? But actually, sweater-dresses are a perfect way of staying warm and looking great. Pair it with boots and leggings, and you’re set. This is an easy outfit to pull together before class.

For ladies, or anyone who might wear makeup, the colour scheme this season is all over the place, which means there is something for everyone. From dark berry shades of blues and purples, to soft neutral beiges and pinks, any colour works right now.

The two top colours to wear this season are khaki green and gold. They both look great on their own or paired with almost anything. If you don’t feel like wearing a complete gold outfit, having a few gold accessories, like a good watch or a necklace, can really dress up any outfit.

Another trend that is in are capes and ponchos. I won’t comment on those. It’s your decision to wear it or not.

With all these different styles, it’s up to you to decide what you want to wear. I heard a girl in one of my classes recently say that fashion is the “dumbest thing ever,” and that she chooses to dress herself however she feels.

Well, that is fashion: Being yourself and wearing what feels right to you. During the next few months, do so and try to stay warm.

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