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“Band On The Run” tour kicks off in Fredericton on Nov. 20



On Nov. 20, Blackjack Billy will kick off the “Bands on the Run” tour here in Fredericton, along with The Road Hammers and Doc Walker.

The tour is the first big one for Blackjack Billy, who is a self-described “redneck rock” band, comprised of Rob Blackledge (vocals, guitar), Noll Billings (vocals), Jeff Coplan (electric guitar), and Brad Cummings (drums).

The band’s debut single, “The Booze Cruise,” was a huge hit among their fans, selling more than 250k digital downloads and even reaching Platinum status in Canada.

“We were heading to play a show for spring break in Panama City, Florida when we realized we needed a party song,” explained Blackledge. “You know, something to get people going. We actually wrote the song on the bus on our way to the show.”

Aside from their very successful debut single, Blackjack Billy has been listed by several country music websites as a band to watch out for.

While the tour is an exciting opportunity for the band, Blackledge has other things on his mind as well, as his wife is expecting a baby shortly after the tour is finished.

“This is my last 30 days of performing before I become a dad, which is kind of scary yet exciting at the same time,” said Blackledge.

Even if Blackledge may have different writing inspiration in the future, Blackjack Billy has become known as an exciting band to see perform live, and the genuine excitement they have for this upcoming tour was clear throughout our phone conversation.

Though they may not be the headlining band on the tour, Blackjack Billy are just as good a reason to go to the Capital Exhibition Centre this Thursday.

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