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Red Bull Golden Goal event postponed

The Red Bull Golden Goal event slated for UNB’s BMO Field today has been postponed after organizers were shut out due to an exclusivity conflict with the university.

“We had been planning it for a couple months now … we did it last year on the same basis and it worked out great,” said Bruce Martin, a UNB student and one of the organizers of the event, which was being sponsored by Red Bull and was set to feature Red Bull giveaways like drinks and t-shirts.

“All I was told was someone would be there not allowing us in the gates.”

Martin said the event had been planned through Red Bull and he was under the impression everything had been approved until this morning, when he was informed the event could not take place with Red Bull’s involvement.

UNB communications officer Kelsey Seymour said that not only was the event not in the university’s system due to a registration oversight, but the university has an exclusivity contract with Pepsi and its products, meaning it couldn’t be hosted with Red Bull’s involvement.

“The field was available to [UNB organizers], just not to Red Bull from an advertising and marketing perspective … Red Bull can’t be there with Red Bull products and signage,” said Seymour.

“Red Bull has been told this numerous times when they’ve been to campus.”

Martin said organizers intend to reschedule the event sometime over the next two weeks at a field elsewhere in Fredericton.

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