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Kenny and Spenny are bringing their antics to Fredericton

Everyone has a favourite television show. More likely, you have a bunch, the ones that you have seen every episode of, where you know how the characters will react before seeing what happens.

For me, one of those is Kenny vs. Spenny, a show that ran for six seasons and would see the characters go head-to-head each week in a random competition, with the loser doing a humiliation of the winner’s choice at the end of each episode.

In the show, both Kenny and Spenny play outrageous characters. Kenny plays a gross character that will do anything to win, but is confident and comfortable with who he is. Spenny, on the other hand, is a more reserved and straight-shooting character, though Kenny would disagree with that.

The fact that they are coming to Fredericton this week was enough to get me excited, but having the opportunity to talk to them would give me a chance to see what they are really like.

It didn’t take long to realize that how they are portrayed on TV is pretty much how they are in real life.

Spenny was very laid back, answering my questions straight on and at times spoke highly of Kenny, describing him as “witty and creative.”

Kenny, on the other hand, was absolutely ruthless with his comments towards Spenny. Asked why they no longer hang out as much, Kenny explained that “the pedophile ward only has visiting hours from 10 to 11 on Mondays and it’s hard for me to get down there in the morning to visit him.”

During the show, the two lived together, but they haven’t done so since they stopped filming in 2010. Now, they have teamed up for a tour across Canada.

“[When filming the show] we couldn’t even get a professional camera crew because of how fucked up we are so we had to get our friends to do it,” said Kenny. “You will know how lucky we are and how weird and surreal Kenny vs. Spenny was when you sit in a room with us and just watch us be ourselves.”

“If people weren’t digging it, we wouldn’t be doing it,” added Spenny.

The performance is very loose, the two say. Though it isn’t just for fans of the television show, a lot of the tour does consist of material relating to the show. During the performance they play deleted scenes, share their favourite humiliations, talk to the audience and give some behind-the-scenes details and stories.

In one episode, for example, Kenny slips Spenny acid during a challenge. While Kenny comes off looking like the bad guy, he says that it was just payback.

“What people don’t know is [that] he slipped me acid in Grade 9 at school, and I was just returning the favour 20 years later on TV so everyone could see.”

After our conversations were over, there were far too many good quotes to put in an article, and there are a lot that probably shouldn’t be printed.

The two of them were hilarious and if you’re looking for comical and witty show with no boundaries, I would strongly suggest going to see their live show when it comes to the Playhouse this Thursday.

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