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No active threat on campus: Fredericton Police

The all-clear has been given on the UNB campus after Fredericton Police responded to a call of an active threat at Keirstead Hall this afternoon.

“A student called the office and said that somebody ran past her saying somebody was an active threat at Keirstead Hall, so we told her to hang up immediately and dial 911 … the police came and they went through the building and there was nobody found,” said Bruce Rogerson, director of security and traffic at UNB, adding that video security footage showed no sign of anyone running or fleeing.

“Anyway the all-clear was pretty well given shortly thereafter but as you know we take all threats seriously so if somebody said there’s an active threat in the building or suspicious person, we get ahold of police right away.”

The Fredericton City Police sent out a release this afternoon attempting to quell concerns being felt across the country today in the wake of yesterday’s shooting in Ottawa that left Cpl. Nathan Cirillo dead.

“As is the case in many jurisdictions across the country today, Fredericton Police has been receiving an increased number of calls due to the heightened vigilance of our citizens in response to the events of the last few days,” said Alycia Morehouse of the Fredericton City Police in the release.

“Currently, in Fredericton, there are no active situations to report, and we do not believe there to be any risk to public safety at this time.”

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