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UNBSU by-election saw voter turnout cut in half

The UNBSU fall by-election saw 279 students turn out to vote, about half of the 553 who showed up for the fall 2013 election.

From Oct. 14 to 17, undergraduate students from the UNB Fredericton campus were given the chance to vote for a forestry and environmental management representative, an engineering representative, an international representative and a LGBTQ representative on the UNBSU council.

Fewer than 300 students took the time to cast their ballots through UNB e-services.

“I think in general there’s just low student engagement, especially when it comes to voting. The by-election, despite being advertised, just doesn’t seem to be as notable as the general election,” said Brittany Hannah, the chief returning officer for the UNBSU.

Both Jill McCurdy, for forestry and environmental management representative, and Muhammad Khan, for international representative, ran uncontested and were elected for their respective positions.

Krista Flanagan beat out Stephen Likely for the position of engineering representative and Caroline Mercier came out on top of Melissa Wallace for LGBTQ representative.

“All of the positions have been filled on council and that is what counts,” Hannah said.

In efforts to boost voter turnout, the UNBSU will be working with UNB ITS to get their new app compatible for voting by the spring general election.

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  1. Jordan Thompson Reply

    Good job not mentioning the fact that there were less positions available for this by-election and, therefore, less students with an interest/eligible to vote. Keep up the false comparisons to last year.

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