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NBers spoke to fracking on Sept. 22: Enough is enough

Dear Editor:

The pro-fracking position presented in this opinion piece made me think that the article was simply written by another industry hack whose job it is to continue the same failed discourse that cost Alward and his followers the election.

Phrases such as “responsible resource development via fracking may be the best way to reach this promised land”; “For 50 years, fracking has been performed in Canada”; “New Brunswick routinely ships its young people away”; “It could lead to billions of dollars in private sector investment, and dynamic and cutting-edge jobs” are just continuing the myth that industry will be the saviour for everything that they believe is wrong with this province.

The studies quoted in the article claim the water wells were poorly constructed and are the problem. Blaming the victims by examining one aspect of the industry after fracking took place in Texas and other places is an old, tired strategy. It is important to also write about many of the problems caused by fracking that are already appearing in New Brunswick as a result of the fracking work taking place here.

Surface pollution, degradation of water resources through extraction, air pollution and generalized industrial pollutants along with heavy policing costs in response to local and regional protests with people going to jail to protect their lands and resources are just a few examples of what the good people of New Brunswick are saying loud and clear. My hope is that Gallant and his team will listen to them instead of industry hacks.

There are many groups across Canada and the United States dealing with the fracking industry. Many have years of experience and are working hard in an effort to protect their lands and resources.

I believe that it is industry and their colonial governments that have raped and pillaged this land for the past 200 years without any concern for the people or the resources. So many people were wiped out and removed from their homes and communities. And this story continues today.

The people of New Brunswick clearly spoke to this issue on Sept. 22. Enough is enough; it is time for change! My hope is that the government and the good people of New Brunswick will work together, listen to each other, and develop innovative options for moving forward in building a strong and healthy environment for future generations of people who want to live here. Working together is our way forward instead of simply believing that industry will take care of us.


Brian Beaton

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