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Lights returns to Fredericton with new music, state of mind

The weather might be cooling down as fall is finally here, but the Capital Exhibit Centre stage is about to heat up.

Canadian songstress Lights will be hitting the stage on Oct. 20 and just as fans are looking forward to seeing her perform, she is happy to be coming back.

“I’m really excited to head back out to the east coast. It’s beautiful scenery out [here] and the people are amazing. I’ve only been a couple times, which is unfortunate, but I’m pumped to go back.”

With the release of her new album, Little Machines, she is touring Canada and parts of America. At the beginning of next year, she’s off to the UK and Europe, then Australia before returning home. For Lights, this album is more than just a couple of songs thrown together.

“I feel like it’s the best I’ve done so far. I worked really hard to make sure these songs were really feel-good. It’s just a fun record and I think that’s my favourite thing about the record. And I think that’s what I discovered: that’s the point of life. Enjoying the moment you’re in and loving the people who are around you.”

With her recent marriage and birth of a baby girl, she is ready to travel with her band and play all her new music. Although, since her life has changed, so has the way she does things.

“My outlook on life is 100 per cent new and reborn, and that’s not to say that it won’t be different in five years from now, but it’s a pretty cool journey. Every record is documentation of those past couple of years and it’s a pretty cool way to look back on it.”

New York-based band Rush Midnight is opening this leg of her tour. Russ Manning is a member of the band and is excited to share their dark dance music with new fans.

“We’ve been to major cities like Toronto and Montreal but this is our first time ever touring Canada so it’s exciting.”

Since releasing their debut album in May, they have been working on their next album as well as doing shows. Their similar management resulted in this tour collaboration between Lights and Rush Midnight.

Besides touring, Lights will be working on some collaborations and videos that will be out shortly.  She’s also busy his month with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“This month is Pinktober and I’m HardRock’s Ambassador. It’s amazing because we’re spreading awareness and I’m receiving tweets from people in Japan and Belgium who are seeing this campaign. A lot of fans come to the show who are dealing with cancer and it’s now super close to my heart.  It’s great to spread the word and I’m very lucky to be a part of that this year.”

When asked about a fun pre-show ritual, Lights admits a shot with the band is the way they start their show. With this tour, she’ll be playing new stuff off her album as well as old favourites. Her favourite song to play live of the new album is “Running with the Boys,” as she says it’s all about nostalgia and feeling like a kid again.

Tickets for this show are available online or downtown at Isaac’s Way.


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