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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Your guide to Freddy eats and drinks

Fredericton has an amazing food and drink scene happening day in and day out. Every day of the week one restaurant or pub has a food deal, and even if many businesses shut down for half of Sunday, there’s still the good old Diplomat, open 24/7.

That being said, there is no good reason to run out of ideas for where to grab some grub when hanging with your friends or planning a cute date.

I absolutely adore good food and good beer, and it is my hope of my fellow Brunsies and I to share this passion with all of you. From checking out the deals of student and local favorites, to trying a variety of domestic and craft brews, prepare to benefit from our analyses dedicated to finding the best place for you to eat. By exploring the multitudes of wing nights across town, to a spin-dip tour or debating which half-price app night is the best, the food culture of Fredericton will never be the same.

That gives a sneak peek of our food section, but what about the beer?

Our unique panel composed of esteemed “experts” plans on making the ultimate sacrifice: testing beers from around town to give you, the reader, an idea of what each bottle, can or pint has to offer. As students, we as a group can relate to the expectations people have when they spend money on a dish or drink, so hopefully by reading the ratings and panel discussions you find the best beer and food deal for you.

The timing for all this is perfect, with the first annual Eat New Brunswick going on right now in Fredericton. This little-known festival celebrates food in the province by having participating restaurants offer a unique dish from Oct. 2 to 26.

These dishes are prepared from locally sourced ingredients, and are promised to satisfy anyone’s appetite in a unique way. If new menu items weren’t enough, there is also a promotion that has fans uploading EatNB photos to Twitter and Instagram for the chance of winning a $25 gift certificate at participating locations.

This is a pretty sweet opportunity for those of you trying to catch a deal or cook up an excuse to say “bye” to meal hall for a few hours. All you have to do is replace that pumpkin spice Instagram selfie with that of a locally prepared meal and instead of #nofilter use #EatNB and you’re all set (both have their benefits, but, like, free food!?).

Hopefully your appetite for food in Fredericton and for this column has already grown a little, and that we as students can all learn to eat well, drink smart, and have a good time doing it.

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