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UNBSU BY-ELECTION 2014 Your candidates:

The UNBSU by-elections are drawing near. Students can vote online through e-Services by clicking on the voting tab and choosing the fall 2014 by-election link. Voting will occur Oct. 14 to Oct. 17.

Another voting option would have been in app form, but unfortunately ITS ran into problems making the app compatible with UNB’s current software. They are hoping to have it online for the general election in the spring.


Melissa Wallace, LBTGQ representative

My name is Melissa Wallace and I am a fourth-year psychology student. Minorities’ rights have always been important to me, not only being part of the LGBTQ community but also as a French Canadian and First Nation growing up in New Brunswick. In psychology, my interests are stereotypes and framing effects (how the words we use affect our attitudes and perception). One of my goals as LGBTQ rep would be to make people more aware of the words they use and make our vocabulary more inclusive in our classrooms, residences and our community.


Caroline Mercier, LGBTQ representative

My name is Caroline Mercier, and I am a first year arts student. I grew up in Vancouver, B.C., and I have had many years of experience with LGBTQ advocacy. I was very involved with my hometown’s debate over transgender students in our schools and the policies surrounding gender. I am a strong supporter of changing the campus’s accommodation of all of the genders, and I plan to do so to the best of my ability. In the far future, I plan to go to law school, and work internationally for LGBTQ initiatives.


Krista Flanagan, Engineering representative

Engineering students, my name is Krista Flanagan and I am running for engineering councillor. I am completing my final year of Civil Engineering at UNB and I hope to be able to represent the engineering students of 2014/2015. Currently, I am the secretary for the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society and have volunteered at a variety of events throughout UNB. I have also been in communication with the two other engineering councillors and am prepared to help complete the proposed engineering projects planned. If elected I plan to provide all duties and responsibilities required for the role while keeping the best interests of the engineers in mind. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at krista.flanagan@unb.ca. Have a great day, everyone!


Jill McCurdy, Forestry and Environmental Management rep

My name is Jill McCurdy. I’m a third-year ENR student taking a double major in environmental management and water resources and I’m running for SU Forestry and ENR representative. I like to stay involved with the school community and have been actively involved with Engineers Without Borders for the past several years and am currently co-president. In my spare time I love to sing and perform with my sister at UNB coffee houses.


These candidates did not submit their write-up in time for print:

Muhammed Khan, International Student rep

Stephen Likely, Engineering rep

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