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SUB is showing its age

Although the social hub of College Hill is showing its age, it’s currently unclear whether or not the Student Union Building will be getting any new major renovations anytime soon despite some recurring problems.

“We have plenty of concerns. There was mold in CHSR, the roof needs to be redone, there’s been some concrete falling down around the Cellar loading dock,” said Greg Bailey, UNBSU president.

Bailey recently sent out a request for information on past renovations to the SUB and was sent back 153 pages of invoices.

“I asked for a summary of renovations on the SUB. I did it because there’s been a lot of work done lately and I was curious. We have access to all the information and it’s something I wanted to take advantage of.”

Bailey says that a lack of finances is the primary cause of the delays for renovations.

The most recent renovations to the SUB include the conversion of two washrooms into three gender-neutral/wheelchair-accessible washrooms and the freshly painted walls in the SUB lobby, both of which occurred this summer.

An email with information on the building provided by Becky Sullivan, director of the SUB, said that, “There are always plans [for more renovations] but they depend on available funding. These include way-finding signage, accessible doors to the Blue Lounge and replacement of flooring in the Ballroom.”

It was also said that “no formal complaints” about any parts of the building have been filed.

But it’s not impossible to imagine a completely new building being built in the future.

“If we ever wanted to look at the prospect of a new Student Union Building I think it’s something you really need to go to the students and ask. If the students are going to be the ones who pay for it, the students should be the ones to run it,” said Bailey.

Bailey says that the maintenance of the SUB isn’t solely administration’s job — students should take responsibility for how they treat the building as well.

“The university itself says that the SUB is the social hub of campus so I think that the state of this building and the way it’s used is something that should be a big priority for all of the students,” he said.

“[The UNBSU] has been around since 1914 in a variety of forms. We’ve been here to do what students want to do,” Bailey said.

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