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Songs of the week

Aretha Franklin – “Rolling in the Deep (The Aretha Version)”


72-year-old Aretha Franklin is planning on putting out a new album later this month. Titled Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics, the record will feature ten adaptations of songs, such as old ones like “At Last,” which was made famous by Etta James to more recent tracks like Alicia Keys’ “No One” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” While staying true to Adele’s hit, Franklin brings her own style to the song, roaring up and down the music scale and adding trumpets and more prominent backing vocals. Franklin isn’t content with the rumble that seems to threaten throughout the original version, instead allowing the song to reach a different type of intensity.


Black Milk – “Gold Piece (feat. Bun B)”


“This is what it comes down to,” is a line that is repeated by both Black Milk and Bun B on their recent collaboration, “Gold Piece.” Overtop of a Ghostface Killah sample, soul singers, trumpets, synths, woodwinds, record scratches and various percussions create an instrumental landscape as complex as the areas these two rappers are talking about. Though this song won’t be played on the Top 40 radio, it is one that definitely should be listened to in your car. Loud. With your head nodding. Go ahead, give it a try.


HAIM – “My Song 5 (Movement Version)”


It’s been just over a year since HAIM released their debut album, Days Are Gone, and while there is no real news on a follow-up just yet, they are continuing to give fans new music to listen to, even if it is a remix of a previously heard song. “My Song 5” has seen a few different stages, first as the song found on the album, then the remixed single which featured a verse from A$AP Ferg and now its latest transformation, courtesy the Australian R&B group Movement. While the original song was dark, the Movement version is slowed down, with synths and distorted vocals, taking it to a whole other level. Let the remixes continue to come.


Joey Bada$$ – “Christ Conscious”


Joey Bada$$ does things his way. Back in the beginning of 2013, he famously stated that he was thinking about signing with Jay Z at Roc-A-Fella Records, but the 19 year old (that’s right) has held out as an independent artist, getting ready to release his debut album sometime in the near future. One of the tracks that is set to appear on B4.DA.$$ is “Christ Conscious.” The song follows the Bada$$ formula to perfection and is probably one of the best songs he has put out since his awesome 2012 mixtape, 1999. Set against an eerie, classic hip hop beat, Bada$$ is right at home, delivering witty lines quicker than your brain can process them. The coolest thing about this song though, is how it was made. Bada$$ apparently came across the producer of the song, Basquiat, by searching his own name on YouTube and finding the instrumental. So let that be a lesson to all you aspiring producers out there; you never know who is listening and what can happen.

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