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There’s more to life than a hot body

Like a lot of people who decide they want to lose weight, I wanted to be “sexy.”

Though I can list millions of reasons I wanted to get smaller, image was one of them. I didn’t want to wobble down the halls looking like the Kool-Aid man anymore. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to be the image society tells us is sexy, but always a step out of reach.

I never measured up to the “cutest guy in high school” or the “hottest thing at the bar,” all a result of an image we’re subjected to that makes us feel we aren’t as attractive as we really are.

We don’t need to be small, six-pack bearing piles of “sexiness.” If we made it on a magazine cover, we’d still be photo-shopped. Everyone’s attractive in some way. Often times we don’t see it because we want to be an image that’s always one step ahead of us. We are told in the media that we need to be thin to be beautiful. It’s just an illusion. I don’t train just to be photogenic, I train to improve my life and prepare for high-level rugby.

I’m not saying you aren’t attractive if you are thin and fit. I’m saying that if you don’t reach the image you want, that’s okay. You’re still attractive, and there are still benefits to being awesome regardless how others view you. I’d love to have a body like a model, but truthfully, that’s not me, and that’s what I went through hell to accomplish.

We’re sucked into illusions that to lose weight and feel good, you must reach “size zero status.” That’s not at all what losing weight is about. It’s about embarking on a journey many don’t have the courage to.

It doesn’t take a fitness test to be sexy; it takes a connection that on some level is appreciated. Many want that “perfect body” or to be desired, but there’s more to life than a hot body. The most attractive thing about someone is there long before we reach our goals and, in fact, it’s usually the reason we reach our goals.

“The happiness we search externally for is actually inside of us.” – Will Smith

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