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Fashion sense doesn’t have to break the bank

Fall is in the air, and with it comes some exciting new styles.

The ever-changing fashion industry has yet again come up with a wide variety of warm and cozy styles to suit any personality. Though there is a little something for everybody, it is sometimes hard to justify that new pair of pants or shirt, and often you won’t find yourself looking for something to wear, but rather telling yourself not to overspend. This year is all about how to be budget-friendly for all the awesome styles.

Everybody has that one piece they use in many different outfits, and in many different styles. Use this to your advantage! One of the best things about being on campus is that you don’t see the same people every day like in high school, so you can sneak by wearing the same shirt or pair of pants, and no one will be the wiser, especially if you mix it up a little bit.

Go online and look at some outfits that you really like. Find a few that really speak to you. Now, look a little closer. There should be part of that outfit that is similar to a piece you have at home, if not close (this also makes you really root through your drawers to see what you have deep in there).

Boom. By substituting with a similar piece that you already have, you save money. But you may not have just one piece; you may have a few items that you could sub in to make the outfit that you saw in that magazine.

If you are still searching for the final piece of your outfit, there are many thrift stores located in Fredericton, which you can use to your advantage. Remember, don’t go for something because its designer, go for the piece that is well tailored, attractive and suits you.

Also, don’t forget about using accessories to your advantage! Add a scarf and a cute headband to change up one of your main “signature” outfits. A little change can really make a difference in the outfit as a whole. And remember, own your style.

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