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In dreams | Chaplain's Corner

What do you dream of? What do see when stars light your pillow case and the dreamy waves of slumber cross the threshold of your resting place? Do you see unicorns, werewolves, knights in shining armor, mermaids, mermen, a grandparent that you lost when you were young?

For some, dreams are the manifestations of the subconscious (our fears, desires, etc.). For others, dreams are the voice of the Divine speaking to us. While these both may be equally true, sometimes our dreams can quite simply be the result of eating way too much pizza before bedtime. Remember that time you scarfed down six slices of Greco pizza at 2 a.m. and then dreamt that you were being chased by a giant pig in a tutu? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the pizza moreso than the voice of God.

Well, our sleeping dreams are one matter; these are the sort of dreams that either smother us or delight us in the wee hours of the morning when our brain can inexplicably reach back into the abyss of time and sleep, somehow recovering those fractured, foggy memories of sleep from not so long ago.

Often, our sleeping dreams are not so far off from the dreams we have when we are awake. As a child, these dreams might have looked like the answer to this question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, now that you’re all grown up, have you become what you wanted?

Or maybe the question for you today is “What do I want to be doing five years from now?” Perhaps your dream is more relational in nature and you’re hoping for a restoration or continued strengthening of a relationship with someone in your life. Maybe you want to be the best mom you can be, the best dad you can be.

Whatever it is that you dream of, let me ask you this: are you on track to realizing your dream? If not, what is it that is keeping you from moving one step closer to realizing your dream?

If there is something in your way, let me offer you this. When talking with a mentor of mine about the subject of fear and decision-making, he said this to me: “When facing a tough decision in life, ask yourself this: What would I do in this situation if I were not controlled by fear? Whatever the answer is to that question, well, that’s probably what you need to do.” These are tough words to live by, but they can nudge us out the doorway on the path to a journey that may lead us somewhere greater than we ever imagined, greater than we ever dreamed.

For me, the campus chaplain, dreams are the very foundation of our role on campus. To be more specific, your dreams are what we are interested in. It is my role on campus to offer people an alternate space where they can come and share their dreams, hopes and fears without being met with judgment.

What I offer is a space where you can meet up with someone who has walked similar roads that many of you will walk in your time here at UNB. I am no stranger to dreams, nor am I a stranger to the fears and trials of life that sometimes push our dreams far from us. Whether it is dreams you bring to me or the dashed hopes of dreams that have gone by the wayside, I feel grateful to be on campus and to be able to offer you my presence, my ears, and my support.

If ever this humble offering can be of use to you, you can reach me at bourquek@unb.ca, 453-5089, or on our blog: Blogs.unb.ca/chaplains-corner/. Also, my office is located on the bottom floor of the CC Jones Student Services Centre. Feel free to drop by or send me a note.  

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