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What’s “app,” UNB? UNBSU gets new app

The UNB Student Union has gone virtual. A new app, developed for the UNBSU, will allow students to access the union’s services on the go.

The free app was developed by ACL Student Benefits through the UNBSU health care provider We Speak Student.

“The app is basically the new centre of the Student Union. The home page of it is where we’ll be getting most of our new information out to the students.  It’s just an easy way for people to see things,” said Bess Teague, UNBSU vice-president student services.

The app, called UNB Fredericton, will not only keep students up to date with UNBSU news and announcements. Some of its services include bus schedules and transit maps, bios of the UNBSU executive, a list of important deadlines and a map of campus. It will also allow students to reserve tickets for concerts put on by the UNBSU.

“The big thing that we are really excited about is that we can do our elections through the app. So previously it was very difficult to find where to vote but now it’s just two clicks away and you’re voting. It’s super easy and I think it’s really going to increase the number [of voters] that we get,” Teague said.

Voting can still be done the traditional way through e-services for those who don’t have the app.

Because the app was developed by the UNBSU health provider, students can also access their personal health plan through the app.

The app is available now for both Apple and Android products and is available for download  on Google Play and the App Store.

“I’m really excited about it. I think it’s a great tool for students to get to know the student union because there’s a lack of knowledge about the student union on campus and this is just another way to get the information out to them,” Teague said.



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