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We try to be everywhere, so we cannot be anywhere

A new generation, another piece of the puzzle; life itself always progressing, expanding and improving.

One good example of this is technology. Technology has not only helped us progress, but has become a part of our daily lives. Cell phones, television, laptops, etc.; all of these forms of technology exist for the means of human communication. However, the ability to communicate with everyone so immediately and constantly has affected human behavior. We try to be everywhere so we cannot be anywhere.

For me, technology is not of the same importance that it seems to be for others. It’s not that I dislike it, but it just doesn’t click with me. I don’t understand why someone would send pictures of themselves to others or even videos that have no importance whatsoever. It’s almost as if having a cell phone or being on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is like being in another world. I say this because a conversation, person to person, is not the same when these factors of technology come into play. Once someone glances at their phone or whatever it may be, they drift off and have a hard time coming back into their physical presence.

I first noticed this conversation confusion when I was at a get-together with a group of friends, a total of five of us. We were just sitting around having a couple drinks before going out. The conversation went smoothly at first and everyone seemed to be fully focused on the topic at hand. Then it happened: Someone looked at their damn phone, ruining everything.

As he put down his phone and came back to reality, a very confused facial expression immediately struck his face. It’s funny to watch someone answer a question or join a conversation when they have no idea what’s going on; they either make something up or sit there in silence, trying to figure out what was being talked about before they drifted of into cell phone land.

All this being said, it didn’t just happen to one person that evening but all five of us. This is where the story gets interesting. How does anyone know what the heck is going on anymore when you are bouncing back and forth between a conversation and your cell phone?

The reason why I am writing this column is to be able to find out how technology is affecting us as individuals. I want to be able to answer questions like “Why do some feel obligated to constantly be available?” or “Why do conversations become awkward and silent when someone checks their phone?”

To answer all these questions, I will be doing a mini-series on technology that will look into these very issues.

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