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On the road to transparency?

In this week’s Brunswickan, you will notice a lengthy feature detailing President Eddy Campbell’s annual outlook coming out of a year marked by an ugly labour dispute, numerous faculty non-confidence votes and a range of other serious issues that have spilled through the summer months into the new school year.

If there was ever a time to sit down for a chat, it was now.

The opportunity to present this piece to our readers was in fact initially prompted by Campbell and his new senior manager of communications, former Telegraph-Journal managing editor David Stonehouse.

The Brunswickan was invited by Stonehouse to sit down with he and Campbell for an hour-long interview, during which we were permitted to ask any questions we felt needed to be answered for our readers.

We were not asked to provide said questions beforehand, but simply a general idea of which topics we would like to address. We complied with this request.

Myself, news editor Emma McPhee and photo editor Adam Travis met with Campbell and Stonehouse at the president’s office on Friday, Sept. 12. As our Sept. 17 issue was chiefly Harvest Jazz and Blues-centric, we chose to publish the piece on Stonehouse’s appointment in last week’s edition and hold the full interview with Campbell until the Sept. 24 edition. It was our wish to provide our readers with the most accessible and comprehensive piece that we could.

The interview, we concluded, generally went well. While we felt that some questions could have been met with some more straightforwardness, we were impressed with the opportunity to sit down with the president to discuss some of the serious issues plaguing this institution and felt he was generally open to addressing them.

While there is no doubt the University of New Brunswick and Campbell himself continue to face considerable challenges — as we hope will be made clear in this week’s edition — the Brunswickan feels that efforts to reach out and be accessible to the student press demonstrate transparency on behalf of the university.

We hope this will become a trend throughout the school year and in years to come.


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