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New UNB employment program connects students, employers with local job opportunities

A new pilot program through the University of New Brunswick’s Career Development and Employment Centre [formerly the Student Employment Service and Career Counselling] aims to help stem serious student outmigration from the province.

In partnership with the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, the Centre has launched the Job Development Program for students in the arts and science faculties.

The program will select a group of fourth-year students and unemployed or underemployed recent graduates of undergraduate or masters programs. Officials will work with local employers to strategically match students in either program with job opportunities.

“We are seeing so many of our grads leaving the province and we’re just hoping to stop that loss of students,” said Anne Soucy, director of the Centre.

“We came up with a series of workshops where students will enhance their being able to describe what their skills are to employers … Then [program job developer] Nichola Anderson will meet with local employers … letting them know what students are available and trying to match them that way.”

Students successfully accepted into the program must obtain a Career Development Certificate by completing seven free one-hour workshops on topics including career information and planning, job search strategies and interview skills.

For Soucy, the program is all about pulling back the curtains on what she believes to be damaging local lore.

“We’re hoping to dispel the myth that there are no local jobs because quite often there are,” said Soucy, adding that “80 per cent of jobs aren’t advertised.”


“This is our opportunity to make employers aware of the students but also students aware of the local opportunities … We’re trying to make it a win-win situation, both for the students and employers.”

Students interested in applying for the program are encouraged to submit their resume and a 500-word cover letter discussing future career goals, how the program would impact their life, reasons they want to live in the Fredericton area and an overview of their experiences and attempts at gaining sustainable employment (if applicable). Each candidate must also submit a copy of their UNB student ID and proof of residency and must also expect to attend an interview.

Applications must be submitted to Nichola.anderson@unb.ca.


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