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This council meeting has 22 minutes

UNBSU councillors and executive met on Sunday at what some councillors are calling “one of the shortest council meetings in UNBSU history.”

Key topics discussed were how UNBSU election programming went as well as the results of some Right to Information requests sent out by the union earlier this term.

Greg Bailey, president of the UNBSU, said that student turnout at the advanced polls in the SUB started out slowly but picked up at the end of the week.

“I think the first couple days averaged around 120 people per day; [that’s] what I was told anecdotally by the guys who were working the polling station. When I went down to see them on Friday, though, they asked me if we were offering free tuition for people to vote because apparently they had 100 people by 11 a.m.,” Bailey said.

“From what I heard, by the time 4:30 rolled around, because the polls closed at 5, apparently the place was just lined up. Everyone left it to the deadline.”

The advanced polls were set up through a partnership between the UNBSU and Elections NB.

The “Rock the Vote” incentive, where students who voted at the advanced polls received a discounted price to this Thursday’s Rich Aucoin concert, did not go as smoothly.

“The Rock the Vote booth didn’t quite go as I had hoped,” said Nicole Saulnier, UNBSU vice-president external. “People were just like ‘Oh, I get a half-price voucher to a concert, that’s nice …’ and most people didn’t come and get their voucher most of the time. “

“It wasn’t a very effective campaign anyway so I wouldn’t recommend it to the person who’s going to be doing it next year for the federal election.”

Another subject brought up at the meeting was about some Right to Information requests sent out by the UNBSU to the university.

“I got a bunch of Right to Information requests from the university and I’ll have more details on that later. A lot of it has to do with international students and upkeep of [the SUB],” said Bailey.

Bailey said he had wanted more information about the International Student Advisor’s Office budget as it has been a topic of interest recently.

Bailey also said that the university’s response to his request about the SUB was 139 pages of purchase orders.

“One thing that we were really interested in is just the status of the SUB. It’s an old building, they’ve done a lot of work on it lately and I just wanted to know what sort of stuff was going on,” Bailey said.

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