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Fredericton-South goes Green, Liberals snag majority

After a long and arduous night, David Coon took the Fredericton-South riding in what was considered one of the more hard-fought campaign races of the 2014 general election. Liberal leader Brian Gallant also took the helm of the New Brunswick government with a Liberal majority.

Coon won the riding with 2,272 votes, giving him a lead of 334 over Progressive Conservative candidate and former minister of energy and mines Craig Leonard. Coon also beat out NDP candidate and former Liberal MLA Kelly Lamrock, Liberal candidate Roy Wiggins and independent candidate Courtney Mills.

Due to a delay caused by issues with the tabulation machines, the election results were stalled until early Tuesday morning. Many New Brunswickers were left questioning the reliability of the new technology, going so far as to demand for a manual recount.

Coon’s victory is a ground-breaking moment in the history of the province’s Green Party. Not only is this the first seat for the party in the New Brunswick Legislature but it thrusts the party into the position of the third party of the province, taking the place of the NDP.

The Liberals took the majority with 27 seats followed by the PC with 21 seats and the David Coon sweeping up a seat for the Green party.

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