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Vote; if not for yourself or for your province, then to shove it in everyone else’s faces

People like to say a lot of things about young people.

We’re entitled. We spend too much time on our phones. We don’t understand the value of a dollar. We don’t eat enough vegetables. We slouch.
We don’t vote.

While some of these things may have an inescapable grain of truth to them, others really, really shouldn’t. And they don’t need to.

Next Monday, Sept. 22, is the provincial election, and unless you’ve literally and non-ironically fallen and you can’t get up, you really don’t have an excuse not to be there.

This is our opportunity as students to show the province that we do have a voice, and a loud one at that. It is our chance to prove everybody wrong — at least about this one thing (putting down our phones for a few hours every day may take some more work).

But don’t let the desire to show up and show off be your only incentive to vote in next week’s election.

Let the desire to have an impact on the serious issues plaguing our community be your motivation.

Maybe you say you’re not that interested in politics, as tends to be the mantra of this generation. But I find it very hard to believe anyone from this dynamic and passionate demographic could honestly say they’re not interested in helping change the world — or at least a small, chiefly rural chunk of it.

For while our chunk may be a small and chiefly rural, it is indeed our chunk and this is your shot to have a say in its future.

Don’t let it — or yourselves — down. Get out and vote.

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