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Joel Plaskett Emergency show why they are fan favourites

It was a beautiful Saturday night and the moon was high. Queen Street was shut down so locals and those from away could fully immerse themselves in the Harvest Jazz and Blues festivities.

Saturday night’s show was sold out. The Galaxie Barracks tent was host to headliner Joel Plaskett Emergency.

Keith Hallett & The World’s Fair opened the show. Their bluesy sound started people’s night off right. Hallett’s big beard and jean vest gave off a rocker vibe even though their musical stylings were much different. They even performed a cover of a Conway Twitty song, but with a big blues feel.

The Adam Baldwin Band then took the stage. Their upbeat rock vibe was something totally different from the first band. With a real Canadian rock style, they seduced the crowd with both songs to dance to as well as a few ballads. Just as Baldwin was finishing up his set, he told the crowd how excited he was to be opening up for one of his musical idols.

And then the crowd went wild.

Joel Plaskett Emergency walked out on stage to finish the evening off.

Their music filled the Barracks tent but could be heard all the way around the block. Their pop-rock sound and east coast roots is what helped sell out this show.

With 23 ECMAs and six Juno nominations under his belt, Joel’s music has pushed him to be one of Canada’s brightest stars for almost 20 years.

People of all ages love his music, as made of evident by the crowd, which was filled with 20-somethings with their parents, enjoying a beer and the powerful live show.

Tons of students came out for this explosion of east coast talent, making it a much better Saturday night than getting hammered and going out.

This show was a great way for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival to cap off the weekend.

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