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Brunch Anyone? Sodexo cuts SUB cafeteria hours

Students’ breakfast options have become more limited thanks to recent hour changes in the SUB cafeteria.

Sodexo Dining Services at the SUB, except for Tim Hortons, will now be open at 11 a.m. from Monday to Friday instead of 8 a.m. The retail outlets affected are Pizza and Ignite/Chef’s, a.k.a. the “grill,” and Quiznos.

“The hours at the SUB were adjusted because the addition of the full-service Tim Hortons [last year] decimated the sales and customer traffic before 11 a.m.,” said general manager of Sodexo, Tim Thornton.

“The sales that we were getting at the grill last year were largely from staff during their morning break.”

Thornton said the decision was made after careful consideration of a number of factors.

“We made the decision to adjust the hours after reviewing customer traffic patterns and sales,” he said.

There is a division of opinions among customers on whether or not the hour changes will have a negative impact.

“I used to be a student here. I used to use the building in the morning. When I woke up there usually wasn’t much time for breakfast so it would be one of those [services] either before or in between classes,” said Christine Stewart, an alumna of UNB.

Stewart said that she would like to know what kind of thinking went into making this decision.

“I think it will affect students who count on these facilities being here for them. I’m surprised that they’ve cut those hours when they’ve done so much work with the UCard to make it accessible to all the retail outlets and now they’re slashing some of those outlets,” she said.

Grace Bowness, a second-year chemical engineering student at UNB, said that she believes Sodexo’s hour changes will primarily affect off-campus students.

“I mainly use Tim Hortons so as long as that still has the same hours then that’s fine. The rest is stuff that you’d eat at lunch or at supper. But if you’re off-campus and you were counting on that to eat, it’s different than if you lived on-campus when you can just go to McConnell Hall,” she said.

Thornton said that while there were staffing reductions at the grill, two full-time positions were added at that location and several others were added across campus.

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