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Wu Centre to undergo landscaping, water retaining project

Anyone who’s been around UNB Fredericton long enough will know that the campus is no stranger when it comes to outdoor renovations and landscaping projects, and an area behind the Wu Centre called College Corner is only the most recent of these.

Located at the corner of Duffie Drive and Montgomery Street, College Corner is a property near the entrance to the staff door of the College of Extended Learning, located at the Wu Centre.

For the past four or five years, the College’s staff entrance has had issues with water seepage during heavy rainfall.

“We had the city come in, we had facilities management over, we looked at various things as far as how to alleviate the water runoff problem. We started to look at that and we investigated what we were going to have to do as far as building channels or digging channels and drainage,” said Lloyd Henderson, executive director of the College of Extended Learning.

But they decided not to stop there. Henderson said that ever since the new construction of the New Brunswick Community College across the parking lot, College Corner was a bit of an eyesore.

“We then looked at the backyard and thought it’d be nice for us, at the same time we’re managing all of this water flow, to develop this backyard area into an area that could be used for a couple of different purposes. It wasn’t really a usable space,” Henderson said.

Henderson said his vision is to have College Corner become an outdoor learning space for the college’s English language program as well as a relaxing outdoor spot for staff.

The landscaping portion of the project will include new paving, concrete walkways and planting as well as retaining walls and drainage for the water seepage issues.

All of this will be funded by extra money the College of Extended Leaning has been able to set aside for the past five years. The College is a revenue-generating unit of UNB and raises its own funds.

The project is set to cost $163,850 but Henderson said that a lot of the money is going into work that won’t be visible.

“It’ll be $65,000 or $70,000 just for us to get the water management underground handled that and then the rest of it will
be into the landscaping and the architecture of what this space is going to look like,” he said.

The project is set to begin in mid-September and Henderson hopes it will be completed by late October or early November at the latest.

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