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A response to “Bus fare, schedule changes met with resistance”

Last January, I proposed a number of changes to the Fredericton Transit system. Although not everything was implemented, I am quite happy that some of it was. This includes improved transit frequency, improved efficiency of the routes and the removal of the meal break gaps. I am quite disappointed reading your article “Bus fare, schedule changes met with resistance” on 4 September, 2014 regarding Mr. Kean’s petition to revert these improvements in order to accommodate for the later bus times.

I absolutely agree that the system is far from perfect, especially compared with larger cities, however it is a significant improvement from the system we had a few months ago. I suggest Mr. Kean and his supporters make suggestions to improve the system, rather than to reverse the improvements that Mr. Hay along with the rest of Fredericton Transit, the Transportation Committee, and advocacy groups such as Making Transit Work and myself have worked so hard for.

Having worked with Mr. Hay, Mr. Barker, Fredericton Transit and the Transportation Committee earlier this year on this issue, I sense that they genuinely care about the commuters of this great city, and I am confident that they are there to listen and do their best to accommodate.

I too look forward to night service, Sunday service, even more improved frequency and routing, as well as provincial and federal funding in the near future. However, I think we should achieve that goal by building upon what we have already achieved, rather than working backwards (fixing a relatively smaller problem by disposing of a huge gain).

-Edward Choi

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