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Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment serves many purposes

Where can you ask questions and talk about bullying, harassment and discrimination on campus? The Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment offers information and resources in a confidential setting.

But what else does the office do?

Volunteer mediators can help resolve conflicts with dignity and respect for both parties. Volunteer mediators have been trained as Third Party Neutrals (TPNs) through the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, and are available on both Fredericton and Saint John campuses. As a neutral person, TPNs can facilitate meetings where groups or individuals have a conflict to resolve, or mediate disagreements to find a mutually agreeable resolution.

Benefits of working with a volunteer mediator include a neutral party to address conflict, a dignified, respectful communication through the conflict and a solution that’s designed by the people involved — you! Typical concerns that volunteer mediators might address could include roommate, floor-mate or housemate disputes, clubs or other groups that disagree, or groups needing help to arrive at a direction or plan. Volunteers include community-based professionals and graduate students. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the office at 458-7889 in Fredericton.

A monthly column in both the Brunswickan and the Baron will explore the diversity among us as a community. The fall term will focus on sexual harassment and gender identity on campus. In the winter term, we will share students’ experiences of having a disability, and coming from a different cultural or religious tradition. It is my hope that by hearing from those of us with a wide range of experiences, we can learn more about ourselves and one another. Look for us on the second Wednesday every month.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing their experience with these or other topics related to human rights and a positive work and learning environment, contact me at barbara.roberts@unb.ca. Interviews or stories of your experience can be shared confidentially, and published under a pseudonym if preferred.

Check out the Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment Facebook page for links to interesting podcasts, events, news items and information.

Not sure how to approach a problem or who to turn to? Contact one of the advisors on either campus. Patti Douglass and Janice El-Bayoumi in Fredericton and Michelle Cook in Saint John are available to answer questions about bullying and harassment. Their contact information is on the UNB Human Rights website, Advisors page. Feel free to call or email the Human Rights Officer or an Advisor for a confidential chat.

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