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Loud, proud, and back for more

Are you a diehard sports fan who loves attending sporting events at UNB? Do you think you have the loudest voice on campus? Do you look fantastic in red? If any (or all) of these apply to you, there’s a good chance the Red Brigade wants you.

“We try to promote ourselves as a fan club for our varsity sports that was created by students, for students,” said team president Jill Pilgrim. “We’re diehard sports fans and we love creating the best kind of atmosphere for our teams. Our goal is to get a ton of UNB students out to the games.

“We want to become the type of school that teams in the AUS dread going to, because we have so much spirit and enthusiasm for our V-Reds.”

Pilgrim, a self-described hockey fanatic, has been with the Red Brigade since the very beginning.

“Jeff Paradis, Patrick Troy and Jason Cress created the club in my first year at UNB. I saw them throughout Orientation Week and the group instantly piqued my interest,” said Pilgrim. “Throughout the year I got more and more involved with the Red Brigade, and was noticed by the organization for my enthusiasm.”

Pilgrim was named co-president last year, and is taking the reins on her own for the 2014-2015 season.
Although the Red Brigade has an impressive presence at Varsity Reds hockey games, she stresses that they do their best to support all teams on campus.

“Different people in our organization are passionate about different sports, so we’re almost always represented at home games,” said Pilgrim. “We try to sell t-shirts at every event to spread the word about our organization, so we branch out to volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, you name it.”

Going into its fourth year of existence, the Red Brigade plans on expanding their fan base this year.

“We’re trying to plan bigger events that will incorporate the residences,” said Pilgrim. “We’d like to host a campus challenge to get people out to the games and involved with the Red Brigade.”

“Patrick Troy, one of the founding members, is back and is going to help us plan some big events right off the bat in September.”

The club was also present at the UNBSU Orientation corn boil this past week, where they were able to introduce themselves to UNB’s new students. They will also be at the upcoming Clubs and Societies Fair.

The Red Brigade members are easy to spot at sporting events due to their signature red t-shirts. The club sold more than 250 shirts last year, and hope to improve upon that number this season.

Shirts are for sale at most home games for $10.

If you have any questions concerning the Red Brigade, please contact Jill Pilgrim through the Red Brigade Facebook and Twitter pages.

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