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Gender-neutral washrooms a step in the right direction

Going to university, whether you’re a new or returning student, comes with its share of scary experiences.

Taking a new class with a tough professor? Scary.

Working up the nerve to ask out that cute classmate in said class with said tough professor? Scarier.
Cramming for the exam for said class with said tough professor because you ended up spending the whole semester staring at said cute classmate? Scariest.

These, and many more, are all cause for (totally understandable) freak-outs.

But going to the bathroom? That’s one university experience that should never inspire fear. And yet, for transgender and queer students, this is the unfortunate reality that can prompt daily struggle and stress.

It is the Brunswickan’s hope that recent efforts by the University of New Brunswick Student Union, Safe Spaces and the Accessibility Advisory Committee will help alleviate some of that anxiety.

We applaud these three parties, who together have implemented three new single-stall/gender-neutral washrooms in the Student Union Building.

We anticipate these new facilities will not only provide a sense of relief, safety and comfort for transgender and queer students, but will act as a venue for privacy for those who require it for any number of reasons.

These changes demonstrate sensitivity and forward-mindedness by all those involved in their implementation. We hope that in all future renovation projects, their importance will be considered.

Tess Allen is the Editor-in-Chief of the Brunswickan.

*An earlier version of this story stated that two of the gender-neutral washrooms were wheelchair accessible. They are in fact all wheelchair accessible. The Brunswickan apologizes for this error.

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