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Fredericton to participate in 34th annual Terry Fox Run

In 1980, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope. Today, the event is still going strong in communities all over Canada, Fredericton included.

The Terry Fox Run is in its 34th year of being an annual fundraiser. It supports the Terry Fox Foundation, which raises money for cancer research.

This Sunday, Sept. 14, citizens of Fredericton can join at the pedway near the Lighthouse on the Green in downtown Fredericton to participate in the run. While donations are welcome, there is no entry fee or minimum donation.

“Certainly we ask that participants keep Terry’s wish and donate one dollar. That was his wish when he ran across the few provinces that he was able to,” said Derek Ness, member of the Fredericton Terry Fox Run organizing committee.

“And so certainly that’s a recommendation that people at least make a donation of one dollar but there’s certainly no need to feel compelled to do that.”

UNB has sent teams to participate in the run for many years. The nursing faculty has used the run as an orientation event for first year students since 2009. Students help at the first aid and water stations.

“We would like to give them an opportunity to provide some basic nursing care and contribute to a great cause and some that will be running as well,” said Emily Jackson, secretary of the Nursing Society.

Anna McLean is a recent graduate of UNB and member of the Fredericton Terry Fox Run organizing committee. She has participated in the run as a runner for many years. The run is important for her personally because she has had several family members diagnosed with cancer.

McLean said it’s important for students to participate in the Terry Fox Run because it means getting involved in their community and raising awareness for cancer research.

“For me it’s not just about raising money although that’s a huge part of it; it’s also about getting people together, obviously to raise awareness but on the day of the run I think it’s really about creating that sort off a family feel almost among the runners,” she said.

“So it can be a very emotional day but also a day just full of hope, and that’s the slogan so it works out really well.”
In the end, it’s something that unites all Canadians.

“You should really get involved with something that you’re passionate about and I think Terry Fox is something that we can all relate to as Canadians,” McLean said.

Registration starts at 1 p.m. and the run itself starts at 2 p.m. sharp. People can sign up as individuals or in teams.

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