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Campus fire damages Forestry & Geology building

A fire on the UNB Fredericton campus early Thursday morning damaged the main doors of the Forestry & Geology building.

The fire, which started shortly after midnight on Sept. 4 also caused charring to the pillars and upper ceiling in front of the main doors of the building.

UNB Security & Traffic received a call that there was a fire and sent a team to extinguish it. The team was able to put out the flames, but not before the Forestry & Geology building entrance underwent considerable damage.

“My staff went and extinguished it with our extinguishers but it still caused considerable damage by the time we got there because of the smoke and everything else,” said Bruce Rogerson, director of UNB Security & Traffic.

The Fredericton fire department also showed up after the fire was put out.

The fire began inside the garbage canister by the building’s main doors. Rogerson said that he believes the fire was intentional.

“We highly believe it was started by an individual or individuals,” he said.

Rogerson said Campus Security is looking for any information about the fire and its instigator.

“Obviously we’d like assistance in identifying the individual and individuals responsible because this caused considerable damage,” Rogerson said.

“They could have caused some serious damage to a very historic building on campus. [It’s] an old building that’s primarily wood and if you’ve ever been through that building with all the artifacts and that, they’re irreplaceable.”

As it is, Rogerson said the repairs will be extensive and the area affected will be off limits to students for a week or two.

“You have to resurface the doors if they can be repaired and you have to get rid of all that charring up the pillars and up on the roof if you want the aesthetics to be back to normal. It’s extensive labour when you start trying to clean soot off that,” Rogerson said.

Anyone with information about the fire and the individual or individuals responsible are encouraged to contact campus the UNB Security and Traffic Department at 453-4830 or security@unb.ca. Reports can also be made to the Fredericton police department and Crime Stoppers.

More to come in the Brunswickan print edition.

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