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Behind Humans of Fredericton

The city of Fredericton is filled with many faces. People of all ages, genders
and ethnicities take over the streets on a daily basis, but do we really know
everyone in this city?

People now have the chance to share their stories with Humans of

“I thought about doing this but never acted upon it. Then one day, I realized
that there was no Humans of Fredericton page, so I decided to jump on this
opportunity and create this page.”

Jon Munn is the creator and photographer of Humans of Fredericton. The page
is based off Humans of New York, which has its own blog, book and eight
million likes on Facebook.

While Munn has been doing this for just over two months, his page has
already close to 11,000 followers on Facebook.

“It took me back a little bit. I didn’t realize how popular this was going to be.”

Munn’s page has grown so rapidly in the city that he has people from other
small towns reaching out to him for advice. What sets Humans of Fredericton
apart from other pages, according to Munn, is the sense of togetherness.

“I had been watching Humans of Saint John and others from around the globe,
but Fredericton has an eclectic mix of people. People from the northside, southside, surrounding communities like New Maryland, it’s all categorized. There are different, almost quirky things about each area, and with Humans of Fredericton, it brings everything together as one community.”

On top of being a student and working, Munn has taken on this project singlehandedly. He goes out once a week or so, taking pictures of strangers and asking them questions. He then posts daily on his Facebook page. he Humans of Fredericton page has a “no-negativity” policy and Jon believes it’s important in a city like Fredericton.

“One thing I do that other ‘Humans of’ pages don’t do is that I don’t allow
negativity or swearing. I feel like Fredericton is such a small city, so there’s no
need for that. I never ask for people’s names, but because it’s such a tight-knit
community, the people I photograph are gonna see it. No one should go online
and read negative things about themselves. There’s not enough time in
someone’s day to read something negative.”

While he enjoys what he does, Munn finds it hard to get a good mix of people.

“When I approach people, it’s easy to get guys and girls to do this, but it’s
much harder to get a variety in ages. Older people, when they hear ‘social
media’ and that things are going online, the conversation ends there. So it’s
much easier for me to approach younger people, because I know they’ll say
‘yes’ to participate.”

Some of the posts are funny, some of them are sad. Some are very
philosophical and some are just plain random. But the point of Humans of
Fredericton is for everyone to have a voice, and Munn has done this
successfully and will continue to do this until the public no longer wants to

“If people want to talk, they’ll talk and sometimes it will just blow your mind.”

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