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SPOOF: President C. Soups denies wrongdoing in bus fiasco

By: Lebron James

Fredericton residents are outraged after UNB president Campbell Soups pulled strings to get all Fredericton buses rerouted to pick up drunken Red Bombers in Quebec.

Soups said he had nothing to do with pulling strings at the Fredericton Transit System (FTS).

“I am not in the wrong here,” a frustrated Soups told Bumswickan reporters. “I know there are phone records of me calling the FTS and I know there are photos of us on the buses, but you can’t prove anything.”

The incident started Tuesday night when Soups was a no-show at city council, instead going to coach the Bombers in their semi-final playoff game. The Bombers won the game after it was stopped early because of an illegal tackle and the Soaring Eagles — the rival team — confronted the referee and threatened to “knock off his hat.”

Police were called to the scene and requested a FTS bus to transport Soups’s team back to UNB.

Passengers on all FTS buses were asked to exit the vehicle and were left in the middle of nowhere — on the Hanwell road.

Soups was under scrutiny for the incident after records showed he made a call on behalf of the police department and asked a favour from his FTS buddy Frederick Transeet.

“He called and asked me to re-route all buses to Quebec,” said Transeet. “I owed him one after he got me a good deal on the white snow.”

Soups would not take any more questions from the Bumswickan.

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