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SPOOF: Gordon Mihan: sexiest man alive

By: Tom Leeland

YouTube sensation and UNB student Gordon Mihan was recently named Ppl Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive Ever For Real We’re Serious.”

The Brunswickan multimedia editor and MAAC student said the award came as a big surprise.

“What’s happening?” asked Mihan. “Who are you? Why are you in my house?”

Mihan’s internet popularity sprung from his appearance on the Brunswickan Scoop videos circa 2013, which gained him widespread fans amongst people of all genders. He quickly became a prominent sex symbol in the UNB community and beyond, famed for his suave and easygoing magnetism both on and off the camera.

“Is that duct tape?” asked Mihan with his characteristic charm. “Get away from me!”

Mihan was an underdog in the Sexiest Man competition, but gained a clear lead in the polls when frontrunner Benedict Cumberbatch was discovered to not actually be alive, but taxidermied in the style of Jeremy Bentham.

The scandal that arose from this discovery — now called “Nope, Chuck Testa”-gate — has resulted in a steep divide amongst Cumberbatch fans, dividing them into two camps: Benedict-mourners and self-described “Taxidermy Rights Activists.”

When asked to comment on his success amidst this controversy, Mihan said, “Mmf, mmf mmmmmf!”

Mmf indeed, Mr. Mihan. Mmf indeed.

To see more of Gordon Mihan’s videos, follow him on YouTube or send $500 in small unmarked bills to the agreed location.

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