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SPOOF: GMac to the ‘Cats

By: HF Boards guy

UNB V-Reds men’s hockey head coach Gardiner MacDougall has officially become like most New Brunswickers and will get an Irving-signed paycheque next year.

The long-time bench boss and four-time UNB moustache of the year winner announced yesterday that he’s taken the head coaching job of the Moncton Wildcats — a position that he turned down last year because he was determined to break the streak of not winning a CIS national championship in even-numbered years; t’was not the case this year.

But the question on everyone’s mind is whether MacDougall will be able to harness his recruiting skills in the QMJHL.

Harry Pottle of the Fredericton ServiceMaster YourCompanyNameHere Midget AAA Canadiens is the projected first overall pick in the upcoming QMJHL Entry Draft and got a call from MacDougall after the Midget Habs’ 4-3 overtime win against Saint John last night. Like, immediately after.

“I was in the middle of taking my skates off and my phone rang. It was GMac,” Pottle said. “He said how he wanted me to play for the Wildcats next year and said I could be a national champion.”

The Wildcats made the playoffs again this year — nobody can really remember when they last missed the playoffs — and finished eighth in regular season standings. So, it can only be assumed that the Wildcats are going to trade for the first overall pick. We’re hearing Christophe Lalonde may be on the trading block. It’s also being tossed around that the Irvings will supply the team with the first overall selection with a hefty load of lumber for a new barn, which now brings to light the new forestry plan. Is David Alward making deals in the Q? Woah.

Now the search begins for MacDougall’s successor. Among the names being rumoured are Troy Ryan, Richard Currie and Ned Flanders.

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