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Students encouraged to get carded

Your student ID card is getting a face-lift.

On Monday the new UCard, UNB’s student ID card, was released containing new technology that will allow students to access contactless card services around campus.

This week the UCard office is offering a re-carding service so students can switch to the new card format free of cost.

“We first need to re-card all UNB Fredericton students, faculty, and staff to make sure everyone has this new card technology before we can implement these new contactless services on campus,” said Melissa Hannah, director of the UNB Card Office.

“Another reason students should get their new UCard during the re-card is eventually, we will be deactivating old ID cards, although a date hasn’t been determined.”

Students are encouraged to drop by the UNB Card Office, room 106 in the SUB, to trade their old ID cards for the new ones. Students do not have to pay for the new cards.

“There is no cost to students to get their new UCard. If you happen to lose your new UCard and need to replace it, a replacement fee will apply just as it does now,” Hannah said.

As an added incentive, all students who trade in their old cards during the re-card week will be entered in a draw for two $50 UCard Cash prizes that can be used at most retail outlets on campus.

Although it may seem as if UNB’s student ID cards were already recently updated, Hannah said that this was only in appearance and not function.

“An updated card design was released in August 2012. This design did not require a re-card as no new technology was introduced at that time. We used the same cards as we always did, we just switched to the new look when printing new ID cards,” she said.

The new cards contain an antenna and chip for new “tap and go” services on campus. These features will replace the current technology of barcodes and magnetic stripes. In the upcoming months, the locations on campus that accept UCards will be updated to accommodate for the new format.

“Right now, students will be able to tap their new UCard instead of swiping it at Tim Hortons and at the PHIL Station in the HIL. More of these tap and go locations are expected to be added throughout the year as we begin to move away from older technologies,” Hannah said.

The cards are also outfitted with a unique hologram which will make the UCards more secure and more difficult to counterfeit. The updates will not change any of the UCards’ regular features – just how they are done.

“Along with the new design, hologram and technology, your new UCard still has all of the features of the old card and can still be used for student discounts around town,” Hannah said.

Students who wish to get their new UCard must bring their old one to the UNB Card Office. The re-carding event runs from March 17 to 21.

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