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Sports, and why they’re awesome

There are many things that make sports fun, but what makes a sport truly awesome?

Lets start with the basics: everyone knows sports play a key role in a healthy lifestyle. Getting in those couple hours of recommended physical activity in the run of your week will keep you fit, healthy, and feeling much better.

In my opinion, sports are doing us all a favor in this regard. There is a limited number of people that actually enjoy hitting the treadmill or bike, and similarly not a lot of people care to lift weights – be it free weights or machines.

What sports are really good at doing is disguising the parts that are good for you, e.g. cardiovascular health, mental health and toning your body. They work kind of like the mother hiding all of the vegetables in something their kids will actually eat.

Similarly, have you ever stopped to think about where a lot of good friends and memories are made? Well, if you’re like me you will realize you’ve have made countless friendships at one time or another while participating on different teams and clubs.

If you look on Facebook or the traditional scrapbook – yes, they do still exist – a lot of pictures or posts are more than likely do to some sort of sporting event, whether you participated or cheered from the stands.

I know from personal experiences that very often families are brought together by a child or sibling that is part of a team – hockey, soccer or basketball to name a few. I can remember countless road trips around the province for my own hockey games or my brother’s.

We even went out of country on a few occasions to play, and what I quickly realized is just how much it really unites not just our family, but the families of our teammates.

I know many families out there cannot afford to put their kids in some of the more expensive sports – the ones requiring lots of travel, gear and registration fees. Yes, the cost of all sports has increased, especially when playing for the “travelling” or “elite” teams, but that’s the great thing about sports: the same, or very similar, memories can be made at any level. Playing lower-key sports or being part of the house league teams is still a great way to bond, compete and learn valuable skills at a more relaxed level.

To put it simply, how many things nowadays can do all of these things? That’s right, not many.

Sports are awesome because they contain almost everything someone needs to grow up: competition, respect, playing as a team and a sense of support are all valuable life lessons to be gained in the early years.

You can gain all of these important skills, and you can stay healthy, active and feel as though you are part of something much bigger.

Plain and simple, sports are sick.

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