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Red 'n' Black Revue

Time to strut your stuff, UNB.

The annual Red ‘n’ Black Revue will be hitting the stage next Sunday, promising the best evening of song and dance that you can find outside of a Dancing with the Stars marathon.

Going into its 66th year, the Revue is one of UNB’s most treasured traditions. Dating all the way back to 1948 as a fundraiser for the grad class’s end-of-year party, the show was such a roaring success that it was brought back year after year, with new and more outrageous acts added each time. Upwards of 2000 students filled the seats, thrilling to everything from comedians to acrobats.

UNB President Colin B. Mackay even secretly joined the kickline in 1957 to show off his well-toned legs – at press time it was unknown whether Eddy Campbell will follow in his glamourous footsteps.

This year’s event coordinators, fourth-year students Natasha Dhayagude and Shane Gunter, have their hands full managing such a diverse spectacle. While some might wonder about the appeal of an old-fashioned variety show in 2014, Dhayagude contends that students still appreciate live talent.

“I think that there’s still an appeal for it, because there’s a lot of people who go to university and don’t have time to perform [on their own time],” she said.

“So when there’s a talent show they like to take part; for example I know a lot of guitar players and singers that don’t otherwise get to be involved in shows. A lot of people have been responding, I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people who wanted to be in it.”

Gunter said that the long and storied history of the Red ‘n’ Black Revue is the creative impulse that drives the show forward.

“That legacy is what motivates us to work harder to put on the best show possible for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the general public,” said Gunter.

“UNB has a tremendous presence in the community and in the province. Therefore, traditional events like this are important to continue and to share.”

While the organizers are keeping the exact lineup close to their chests this year, they promise an all-new, modern slate of acts: dance groups, guitar and piano soloists, and comedians, just to name a few. Dhayagude hopes that the Revue will provide students with a much-needed mental reprieve in the middle of a bleak winter.

“It’s something to get your mind off stress,” she said. “Come out and support your friends and your university.”

The 66th annual Red ‘n’ Black Revue will be taking place in the SUB Ballroom on Sunday, March 23, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is $5.

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