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Connexion ARC ready to make some noise

Kyle McDonald knows better than anyone that patience is a virtue – but don’t take his word for it.

The frontman of Middle-Eastern-inspired “mantra doom” duo, Zaum, believes that in order to appreciate the Moncton-based group’s unique sound, his audiences need to sit tight and allow themselves to fully engage in the experience.

In other words, they need to be patient. But, as McDonald asserts, it’s worth the wait.

“The main concept is that it’s a very patient band, in that it’s more of an experience than it is a ‘come and check out a few songs’ [kind of band]. It’s like watching a movie: you won’t quite get the full experience or concept if you don’t really invest the time into it,” said MacDonald, adding that while the band’s songs are typically “long and drawn-out”, they are sometimes described by those who have heard them as “epic.”

Patience has in fact been a key factor in Zaum’s success since its foundation with McDonald and drummer Chris Lewis last summer.

Despite never having performed a conventional show, the two-piece has recorded their first LP – titled Oracles, produced by Swedish record label I HATE and set for release this May – and have several tours slated for the next few months throughout the Maritimes and even across Europe.

MacDonald said this “backwards” approach has been well-suited to the band’s basic concept.

“The whole thing from the get-go is that I really wanted to take my time. I didn’t want to be one of those bands that pumps together a few songs and gets it right out there,” he said.

Now, the wait is over. Or at least it will be on Thursday evening, when Zaum will give their debut performance – and offer audiences a sneak peak at their upcoming LP – at Connexion Artist-Run Centre.

It’s an experience McDonald can’t wait to bring to Fredericton music lovers.

“If you want to see something that’s a little bit out of the ordinary . . . we really feel like you’ll draw something from it . . . and embrace the idea of it,” he said.

“That’s what a lot of people aren’t looking at these days; that angle of really making people feel like they’ve just experienced something they haven’t before.”

But the experience on Thursday night won’t be limited to Zaum. Also scheduled to play at Connexion ARC are Fredericton noise/punk band Panzy, Fredericton art/noise solo project Union Suit, and Fredericton punk group Talentless Poke.

Tate LeJeune of Union Suit hopes to bring audiences a similarly unique musical experience.

“With every piece I start with a very simple, subdued melody and build it to a very emotional and noisy climax. Once it reaches a certain peak, I start doing spoken word, which is all my own poetry,” said LeJeune, who describes the sound he creates with a distorted microphone, a guitar, a series of effects pedals and an amplifier as “post-rock noise.”

“I’ve been on CHSR before and somebody described it as an ‘experience.’ That’s what it is. It’s not so much coming to appreciate the notion of a song, but to appreciate the sound.”

Devon Cole, drummer of Panzy, said those who come by Connexion ARC tomorrow evening can expect “a lot of really guttural vocals, loud beats, some hard drum lines and drone-y, loud guitar.”

“[You] can expect really loud, mosh-worthy music. You can really get into it,” said Cole.

“[You’re] going to have a good time and listen to some good hard-core music.”

Admission to Thursday’s all-ages, wet/dry event at Connexion ARC will be $7. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.

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