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Guitar show with a twist

Memorial Hall will be hosting a guitar jam on March 12, but you won’t be hearing “Wagon Wheel” or any other classic campfire songs.

Steven Peacock and Gerry van Wart are a duo of classical guitarists who are always busy. With the release of their upcoming album, entitled Luminosa, this is an opportunity for them to show their variety of music, ranging from baroque to 20th century works.

“Of course we will be playing contemporary South American stuff but then because of the new CD, we find the music quite affirming,” said Peacock.

“We found we could get that type of sound from different areas too, so we will play a baroque piece, some folk pieces and a couple of our own arrangements of Irish songs.”

The free show is put on by the Arts Centre at Memorial Hall as part of their Music on the Hill series.

Peacock was once a music and English professor at UNB. He has now recently moved up the hill to St. Thomas, where he teaches in the fine arts department.
Peacock loves collaborating with artists like van Wart.

“Collaborating with another classical guitar, there’s a lot of independence and freedom. We both get to be soloistic, but at the same time we’re part of a duo. Two guitars can play twice as many notes, we can extend the range.”

Peacock thinks it’s important for students and the public to come out to shows like this around campus.

“They’ll be captivated. We have two guitars playing at the same time. It’s a chance to hear slightly more orchestral textures,” he said.

“Mem Hall is a great place to play acoustically; the colors and the frequencies go out quite nicely. They get to see a great variety.”

Varieties for Two Guitars takes place at Memorial Hall on Wednesday March 12 at 12:30 p.m. Peacock promises you’ll be out within 50 minutes.

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