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The final whistle for women’s basketball

The Varsity Reds women weren’t able to make the top six spots for the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) finals, and so they finished their season with their 58-49 loss to the St. Francis Xavier X-Women.

It wasn’t their only loss of the season. The women finished the year with a 5-15 record and had no winning game streaks.

This year was an improvement, however, over their staggering record last season of two wins and a high of 18 losses – their only two victories over Cape Breton University (CBU) and the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Both wins were at home.

But the trouble started from the very beginning when to-be third-year Claire Colborne quit the team before the regular season began.

In an article in the Daily Gleaner by Bill Hunt, Colborne is quoted saying she “was not happy with basketball and [hasn’t] been happy for a while.”

Colborne had gone through the pre-season training and games, but neither head coach Jeff Speedy or her teammates knew she was leaving.

It wasn’t all bad though, as they were able to defeat each team at least once – taking two wins over CBU and Acadia and one win over UPEI and Dalhousie.

Against the Axewomen first year Awo Farah was five-for-five in her free throws, assisting in the 85.7 percentage in free throws of the game. Katelyn Mangold gave her team 15 points and teammate Rachel Cleary was close behind with 12 of her own.

Twenty days later, against the CBU Capers, Farah led her team with 12 points and Cleary was in second with 10 points.

The women were able to improve their record, winning three more games this season than last, but it’s just the beginning. They need to put up a strong defence to keep leads as well as put more in the net to help take the lead. If they keep improving at the rate they are, a few seasons from now they will be a real threat in the AUS league.


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